Friday, November 14, 2008

"Memoirs of a Geishe"

      A "Geishe" means an artist. An artist, rather, a woman, who sells her skills and not her body. A Geishe performs her skills, her dance before a lot of 'gentlemen'. But she will be faithful to her only "danna". Danna, the man who wins the bid for her. The man who takes her as his wife-for-night, a half-wife indeed.
     And, there was a Geishe who never befitted the small world of women; where in a friend can turn to a foe in no time. That Geishe was named "Sayuri" - "Niita Sayuri".
     Sayuri's memoirs was made into "Memoirs of a Geishe". As the final comment says, " It's not the memoirs of a queen or an emporess; It's the memoirs of a woman of another kind".
     A great movie of 2005 which won 3 oscars...
Author : Arthur Golden
Director(movie) : Rob Marshall
Screenplay : Robin Swicord


Sekhar said...

Indeed a great movie. Watched it a couple of times. Keep recommending good movies.. :)

ലേഖ said...

Will try to.. I am not to movies too much.. :)