Friday, November 14, 2008

"Memoirs of a Geishe"

      A "Geishe" means an artist. An artist, rather, a woman, who sells her skills and not her body. A Geishe performs her skills, her dance before a lot of 'gentlemen'. But she will be faithful to her only "danna". Danna, the man who wins the bid for her. The man who takes her as his wife-for-night, a half-wife indeed.
     And, there was a Geishe who never befitted the small world of women; where in a friend can turn to a foe in no time. That Geishe was named "Sayuri" - "Niita Sayuri".
     Sayuri's memoirs was made into "Memoirs of a Geishe". As the final comment says, " It's not the memoirs of a queen or an emporess; It's the memoirs of a woman of another kind".
     A great movie of 2005 which won 3 oscars...
Author : Arthur Golden
Director(movie) : Rob Marshall
Screenplay : Robin Swicord

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Alchemist

'The Alchemist' is all about pursuing one's dreams. Each man bears a written destiny on his back. But not many achieves it. As 'the Alchemist' says, many give up when they are so close to their destiny.

It needs courage for a man to start the journey in search of his destiny. Also it needs faith in one's self. When we start this journey, all the Universe will together conspire towards it.

The whole journey starts with "Beginner's Luck" and ends with many hardships and sufferings.

There are omens all around you and you have to realise them. And always listen to your heart. Even though the heart is having its own fears and concerns, you can always console it and ask it for the required guidance.

The king, the gypsy, the thief, the merchant, the tribesmen, the alchemist, the dessert, the wind, the sun and the whole universe will guide you through. Sometimes you will be delighted by luck, sometimes frightened by thieves, sometimes threatened by death and sometimes the whole world may call you an idiot. Dont give up, strive through and you will be at your DESTINY.

"Be a dreamer. Be a wanderer. Be patient. Wait for omens. And dont ever give up. The destiny will be yours."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Belief

I discovered a church!

Not a new one. Very old and grand! This church may be known to all my fellow beings for years. But i discovered it, atleast for myself.

The priest asked me,"Who are you? What is your belief?"

I told,"I am a Human."

Then he clarified, "Which religion do you belong to?"

And I replied,"I am a Hindu by birth."

Soon a smile crossed over his grey eyes. He was convinced. "So, now you turned to Christianity"

"No! I believe in Humanity"

"Oho! You are a non-believer then. So which 'ism' do you belong to?"


No more questions. I believe in Godism. The priest left me and hurried to the altar.

Now my conscience turned against me and asked,"What is this Godism?"