Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Alchemist

'The Alchemist' is all about pursuing one's dreams. Each man bears a written destiny on his back. But not many achieves it. As 'the Alchemist' says, many give up when they are so close to their destiny.

It needs courage for a man to start the journey in search of his destiny. Also it needs faith in one's self. When we start this journey, all the Universe will together conspire towards it.

The whole journey starts with "Beginner's Luck" and ends with many hardships and sufferings.

There are omens all around you and you have to realise them. And always listen to your heart. Even though the heart is having its own fears and concerns, you can always console it and ask it for the required guidance.

The king, the gypsy, the thief, the merchant, the tribesmen, the alchemist, the dessert, the wind, the sun and the whole universe will guide you through. Sometimes you will be delighted by luck, sometimes frightened by thieves, sometimes threatened by death and sometimes the whole world may call you an idiot. Dont give up, strive through and you will be at your DESTINY.

"Be a dreamer. Be a wanderer. Be patient. Wait for omens. And dont ever give up. The destiny will be yours."


sreekanav said...

i dont know u..,
but i am knowing ur words
it is true.,
hey go and touch that way, and feel the wonder for a while..

Venu said...

I think another major message in Alchemist is that sometimes you have to travel the whole world to realise that the treasure lay at your feet....

Ms.Lekha said...

Yes Venu.. That is also a very important message from alchemist. :)

Sekhar said...

Never read it. A friend of mine did recommend this a number of times. Should go to library now ;)

Ifthikhar said...

Nice...This book is first of ma favs....did u read Winner stands alone?
if yes,please giv a review

ലേഖ said...

Its a great book sekhar. Hope you have read it by now ;)

Iftikar, I havent read "Winner stands alone".. Will find it out and read.. Thanks :)