Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Belief

I discovered a church!

Not a new one. Very old and grand! This church may be known to all my fellow beings for years. But i discovered it, atleast for myself.

The priest asked me,"Who are you? What is your belief?"

I told,"I am a Human."

Then he clarified, "Which religion do you belong to?"

And I replied,"I am a Hindu by birth."

Soon a smile crossed over his grey eyes. He was convinced. "So, now you turned to Christianity"

"No! I believe in Humanity"

"Oho! You are a non-believer then. So which 'ism' do you belong to?"


No more questions. I believe in Godism. The priest left me and hurried to the altar.

Now my conscience turned against me and asked,"What is this Godism?"